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Cash advances below are added to the direct cremation service charge, as needed. These fees are charged by New York City and are obtained and paid by the Funeral Director, on behalf of the family.

  • $500.00 to $200.00 estimated crematory fee.
    Ask for details.

  • $75.00 Shipping of cremated remains to your residence (U.S.-only) 

  • $40.00 NYC Dept. of Health & Hygiene disposition permit fee. 

  • $6.75 NYC Dept. of Health & Hygiene processing fee

  • $15.00 NYC Certified Death Certificate per copy

  • Traditional funeral service, memorial service or visitation service

  • Embalming, Topical Disinfection, Dressing & Casketing, and Cosmetology

  • Special requests incur additional charges

  • Gratuities

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